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March 20, 2008


daryan wilkerson

I think this a great idea because alot of people dont have the patients to teach an autistic child. with this program the child would get the much needed help. i beleive can also be fun for the child and it may help the child become ajusted to real classroom settings in the long run.

Haile Wright

I think that Autism is a very serious matter. I do agree that children with autism do learn from virtual peers. I think if the teachers and parents put the same effort as the virtual peers do, I seriously think that students with autism will overcome their problems.

trevinom10 trevino

Autism is very important. I think this would be a great idea by introducing virture peer for autism children. Whatever works for them would be great help to all.

Maryann T.

I agree that a virtual peer would be very beneficial becaue I think we have to keep this in mind that autism children can learn in different ways. Whatever might work for them would be a great thing.

kimh6 kim

Yes. Children with autism learn from virtual peers, but depence on how they treate each other. Like in my church, we have class for special need. sometime they are with virtual peers when teacher can handle both, virtual and autism kids. She told me that when virtual kids got hyper, it is really bad for autism kids. So, I get little confuse what is good or bad for autism kids. However, I agree with you.


How advanced has our world become in the past decade. Some parents, no matter how much they love their child, can become very fatigued with their child. You must have a lot of patience and time to give an autistic child the attention they really need. Virtual interaction is a brilliant move toward their therapy. There are a lot of things to be worked out to perfect this form of therapy. Parents and family must put in the same amount of time personally as they receive virtually.

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