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March 10, 2008



I have taken distance learning classes and they have pros and cons. The pros are they save you the time and expense of traveling to a location for class and this can be a big plus in this economy. You can also do the work pretty much any time that you want too and this is good for people who are working and cant fix the class into their schedule. The cons are if this is not a subject that you are alreaddy strong in or you are not a good reader and need further instruction and direction this is not for you. You can "pass" the class but what have you learned? You also do not have the benefit of having classmates to ask for help if needed. You know what kind of student you are and you have to make the right choice for you. Just make sure you take all things into consideration.


I agree that distant education is not for averyone. I like to do things on my own and if I were to choose from working in a group or independent I would choose to work independently but I dont think online classes will work for me. I am the biggest procrastinator and feel I will always be falling behind on assignments. I dont think I would like to communicate solely via internet. I enjoy coming to class and making friends and being in a classroom setting.

trevinom10 trevino

I'm a person who needs to be up and about. I really use to going to class and learning. I try the online class and hated it. I like the interaction of the professor and my classmates.

kimh6 kim

I agree with you. I do not like distance learning. I haven't taken any class, but my brother took some class. Some class he could not pass because he did not read instruction of the class. I know it is his fault but if he is in class, he can make sure at least one time with teachers. This little experiance makes distance learning is not for everyone.

Melina Idi

Online classes are not an alternative for me, because I am a visual learner I need to see the professor teaching and demonstrating the subject matter for me to understand. I had friends telling me that online classes were easier then regular classroom settings. I thought about the suggestion, but I knew that this kind of learning was not for me, so I did not pursue it.

Jgomez710 g

At first I was very nervous about having an online class but it turned out that there was nothing to worry about. Taking an online class is more dependent on the student than the teacher. I agree with the article when it states that a student has to be determined and responsible. The student has to keep up with the dates that everything is due. I do not believe that online classes are easier they are just as difficult but taking an online class makes you procrastinate since you have more time to turn in assignments. Online classes facilitate the busy schedules that people may have. Many people have other things that they have to do and do not have time to go to classes and these classes help them continue to go to school. Although a student may not be able to see the teacher, the student can still communicate with the teacher by e-mail. You are right though that distance learning may not be for everyone. As for me I did enjoy taking the online class and it allowed me to get other things done at home while still completing my assignments.


In distance learning, procrastination is a big no-no. I am taking an online course and I know how easy it is to fall behind. If you are a procrastinator, the classroom is the best place for you because you are in the teachers face and you feel guilty when you don't turn your work in on time. If you don't have anything else to do and you are not that busy, I would recommend a classroom instead of distance learning.


I think that if you want to do distance learning, you have to be dedicated and you have to be well organized. I am taking an online course now and It is very easy to fall behind if you dont pace yourself. I'd recommend distance learning if you are not a procrastinator and if you learn well on your own, but if you are not either of these, the classroom is the best option for you.


I believe that in any form of courses whether it's online or off line one should have dedication towards his/her study.


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