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March 11, 2008



Remember that Minors aren't allowed to possess firearms period. This does not endorse arming school kids. It would however allow a teacher to fire back at a school shooter rather than just serve as a human shield, which has happend in many tragic cases. Likewise, anyone who goes to a church that has a school, may be in violation of the school zone prohibition if they carry their firearm. Considering an armed private citizen saved untold lives at the church shooting in Colorado, is this really so unwise?

Certianly kids running around with guns is not a good policy, but neither is prohibiting law abiding, responsible citizens from being able to defend against the violence we've seen all too much in the 21st century


I defintiely disagree with this outrages bill!! Are they OK in the head? Let me just say would they walk in a school knowing that there are teenagers,that dont know how to do their own laundry, but have a gun in there pockets and will shoot if they sense danger? Guns belong at the gun ranges and in policemans belts! Not in a school where its supposed to be safe! If they pass this bill it will defintiely come back and bit them in the you know what just like the article stated!

Haile Wright

I disagree with the this school. I do not think that schools should ever allow guns. This is why we have so many school shootings. They need to think of something else on how to protect the students.


After all the school shootings that have happend in last two years I can't believe that people don't see anything wrong with this bill. Growing up I don't remember hearing about stuff like this, now it's like almost normal to hear about school shootings. This is crazy, people are crazy and it's all gonna get worse by allowing guns in our schools.


It is crazy to hear that Arizona is actually considering in allowing students to bring guns to school! I agree with you in that it will only worsen the situation and put other people at risk. Violence is never the answer and that usually is a school motto. Allowing guns will only increase violence whether it was on purpose or on accident. Arizona should definitely reconsider this bill.

kimh6 kim

You right! That people are clazy. How come they allowed guns in school. I really upset with that. If they have kids, they never ever think like that. Or, even they have kids, they might have problems. I agree with your idea that they need to find an other solution to save their kid from this dangerous day.


Guns being allowed in schools? Wow, that is different. What's next? Knives? This is the craziest thing I've ever heard. Why would you give someone easier access to hurt someone else. I agree, this is sending the wrong message out. This world is already messed up enough, don't help to make it worst. Every zone should be a no gun zone. Why invite them in?

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