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April 23, 2008



I think that students should not be playing computer games in the library. The only library computer should be a database for browsing for books. Students now are loosing something in this technology boom, they no longer desire to read books. With the emergence of the internet students no longer spend time in libraries reading and searching for information, instead they are coping and pasting from the internet. Playing computer games can be enriching but, students are being robbed of the pleasure of reading. They use the computers because it is easy. No longer are they challenged, everything is instant.

daryan wilkerson

I think having video games in the libraries is a good idea because this is a new age of technology. we nolonger just read books, we go on the internet now and other things. its better to keep the kids in the libraries then on the streets. i also don't think that libraries are that loud that you can't read a good book!

Jgomez710 g

I agree with you when you say that a library should be a quiet place for people to be able to enjoy peace and quiet while studying or reading. Especially when people go to a library to do work and have to wait in line because another user is just playing games. Although it might be better for the library to have designated areas for the children who want to chat, hear music, or play games.

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