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June 13, 2008


Brad Hoge

Have you tried these links:







Kind of along these same lines of what you are talking about for having the classroom set up to automatically intrigue students, I tend to change my desks around in my math class 3-4 times a week. Every day the kids come in not quite knowing what we're doing and curious even just by how the desks are arranged. I also try to keep some of the "stuff" out that we'll be using that day. Just kind of keeps them on their toes! Good luck with the children's museum! I'd love to see pictures or know how you set it up when you figure it out!


I think with the size of our classrooms and the student body size in fifth grade, it is very difficult to make our classroom what a science investigation setting would look like. We shove information down our students throats, but don't take the time to give them anything to connect it to. I think it is wonderful that you are already thinking about how to do "it" better next year. I like the idea you had talked about a science question or small investigation of the day or week that they could expand on. It is a shame that with all the work in ELA with guided reading and literature circles, and even in math with math centers, that science hasn't been looked at to create a more hands on environment.

kaja anderson

I wonder what some of the older building toys have evolved into? Erector sets, come to mind specifically. I would assume that Lego isn't the only system to take advantage of electronics. Having "working" devices on display in the room would certainly grab the student's attention. Challenging the students to figure out how they work and then to design and create new "machines" would get their interest.

I like your idea about the Chilren's Museum format. Have you checked a catalogue called Edmund's Scientific? Great ideas, Jules. It is sad that you/we will have to cobble together resources from a wide variety of settings


I totally agree with you about trying to get our classrooms ready so that our students can see that we are excited about science and that this new school year is going to be fun and that they are going to be learning amazing things. I agree with you on having more hands on activities for the students this coming year. As teachers we need to make learning a fun experience so that our students will want to come each day to school. Lets not focus too much on the TAKS but on making sure that our students understand the concepts that we are going to teach them. Lets give them the real life connections that they need about science in their everyday lives.


Jules that is exactly what I have been thinking about. I need to go in there this fall and welcome my students with the excitement of science and everything else. I need to change things for the better. I will be more open to ideas about learning from my students. I will start my school year by challenging them to make this the most fantastic year of their elementary years. I need to convey to them the importance of being a team working together to accomplish our goals. They need to feel like team players in order not to lose their focus. I will expose my students to everything possible so that they will gain all the knowledge and experience that they will need in middle school.

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