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November 05, 2008


Sayuri Rubio

Barack Obama is where he is today because of education. Anyone looking at his story can now see clearly that the pathway to the American dream is through education. I really liked this phrase Zachary. I agree with you 100%, he is a great example to see. Anyone can achieve anything they set their minds to do so. Everything starts within our home our environment. As parents we should support our children to be anything they want to be. We should be integrally involve in our children's education as parents or as educators.

Zachary Warren

I am very curious to know what it will take, and how do we go about getting ourselves back "into the zone"? What I mean by "the zone" is the top mental and physcal conditioning. For some "the zone" is very simple and easy, but others I beg the question, how do we get there? There was a time for many of us when we were in that zone and it appeared to be some of the best times in our lives. How do we get back "into the zone"?

Zachary Warren

"Your Genes are not Your Fate"

Eating healthy is a wonderful thing to do, but for many of us, it is a challenging aspect. I would venture to say that a vast-majority of people who are obese, did not set out to be. However, with healthy eating, it can be corrected. Life-changing-habits will increase our longevity. We must make informed decisions and hold ourselves accountable for our actions. We do not have to continue to allow our genes to be our fate. We can change our ways. It starts with us.

Zachary Warren

I am very encouraged to read the thought-process of individuals like you. Your insight, I appreciate, your honesty I admire. We have come so far as a society in our ability to deal with issues of importance, but there still is plenty of work to do. With the election of Obama it does provide our country with the true sense of "Equality" for all. Thank you for sharing your insightfulness.

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