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April 29, 2009



Concerned about the Swine Flu and your Kids?
As Swine Flu is spread by human to human contact, and children are the # 1 spreaders of germs, it becomes imperative to educate children on how germs are spread.
Young children don't spread germs because they want to, they don't know how NOT to.
Germy Wormy Germ Smart for Kids educates and entertains kids while teaching them how to NOT spread germs.
Please pass along to anyone who has young children and is concerned about the spread of the Swine Flu
Please check out our NEWLY updated site ----- > http://www.germywormy.com


I really enjoyed reading this post. I agree, students should be taught about natural disasters as well as how to face them. With IKE occurring in Houston 6 months ago many students I saw or came in contact with were very frightened. This would have been a great idea to release this tension at school by explaining what exactly was happening in the sky and how to prepare for a hurricane. Kids are smarter than we tend to think they are and are able to understand topics we sometimes don't wish to discuss with them, like this one.

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