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May 06, 2009



You make science sound so fun and interesting. I found science to be boring as a child but as an adult I love learning about it. I love seeing how things work and the fact that it's everyday real world things that I can connect to make it more interesting. I hope that you inspire students to want to particpate in Science more. If you feel so strong minded about this subject I can only imagine how much of an awesome teacher you will become. You Rock!


Today the basic science process skills are commonly used in our classroom in different content areas. Having been taught the basic skills, students learn not only the content itself but also how to use those processes and retain them for future use. For example, inferring is making an “educated guess” about an object or event based on previously gathered data of information. My mentor teacher read the David book to the students. Then she used one picture from the book to teach the students how to get inference by using clues and schema. For example, from the picture, we saw David without pants (clue). When kids carry a lunch box they are going to school (schema). Then we can get our inference: David left home for school without his pants. The basic skills can be used not only in the science class but also in the other content areas, such as reading and social study. The goal of studying science is to master the basic science skills, so that students can think critically.


The true value of learning science is the practice of higher level thinking skills, problem-solving and observational skills, as you say.

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