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July 02, 2009



With studies showing that 56% of American children do not eat breakfast, it should alert all of us. This is the start of higher metabolism.

Unfortunately, with mom and dad working and single moms having to work, this responsibility falls on schools. However, there is a tremendous amount of reimbursable money available for serving breakfasts and the schools should take advantage of this! Thus, the students benefit and the fight towards fighting obesity also begins.

Caci Kelley

I like that you chose this topic. Childrens' nutrition is very important, and unfortunatley, it is not shown in the schools. I actually read today that 300,000 people die from obesity every year. Schools try to offer a balanced nutrition at their preferred cost. I definitely think that a healthy snack time should definitely be implemented as snacks promote alertness in the classroom.

Angelica Villarreal

I believe the nutrition in schools has improved a lot lately. Schools have started to provide children with healthy food, using wheat breads, vegetables, and even selling children baked chips instead of the regular kind. As teachers we do need to teach about nutrition because child obesity is out of hand I totally agree.

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