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July 02, 2009


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Totally agree with this article science play a major role in our daily life children should know about science from childhood for the better future..!


I think the most important part of teaching is giving children the opportunity to explore their environment. Allowing children to explore lets them ask their own questions and find their own answers. We as teachers want to encourage students to be curious. I have personally always been a visual learner. I just think that it helps children to see how things work rather than just read about it.

Vivian Nguyen

Children do learn more from hands-on activities. If they can feel the object they can visualize materials being taught.

Angelica Villarreal

I completely agree. We should start implementing science in preschool. We need to get our student ready they need a 21st century science education. They will be the future teachers, presidents, etc. and if we become their role models now they will be get the science education they need.

Perla Chavez

I too agree that the Early chidhood years are essential in sparking the intrest for learning Science. Schools and teachers at this level should put alot more empahsis in teaching this subject to boraden student knowledge and interest. Hands-on-activities are an excellent resource for teaching Science. Not only does it make it fun for the students, but they seem to grasp the concept alot more clearer when they can see and touch what they are learning.


I agree with you that young children spend very little time in learning science at school. May be that is the reason why children are not good at science. I also agree with you that hand-on activity is very important in teaching science. And that is the only way that helps kids better understnd this subject.

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