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July 02, 2009


Obesity Surgery Centers

We do need recces in our schools and continue to watch what children eat at school as well as at home. We also have to encourage activities after school and at home. Thanks for the Sonny WII. I am a strong advocate of encouraging children to actually workout with weight.

Ashley Bell

Being the mom of a very active boy, I think that we truly do need recess in our schools. We need to provide an outlet for a child's enthusiasm and also provide exercise. We live in a world that eats a ton of fast food and hardly ever gets any exercise. In order to make a permanent change with that, we need to provide our children the chances to change their lifestyles.


The food served in public school cafeterias in some places around the country is horrible! Maybe we should place a gluttony tax so that public schools won't run to the unhealthy food to serve our children. Interesting how this all falls around the time of the Health Care plan by Obama, recently he state, "If we can help somebody control obesity, they are less likely to get diabetes. And if they are less likely to get diabetes that means that we are going to be saving a whole lot of money on hospital costs." http://www.newsy.com/videos/the_obesity_epidemic Sorry, but I really don't want to pay fat peoples hospital bills with my tax money because they lived a life of gluttony.

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