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July 01, 2009


Perla Chavez

Science in the classroom is sometimes looked at as the "hard subject" to teach but infact can be a very fun one to do. Students should be taught that without Science, most of all we use has been because of Science. They should be taught that without it, education would have a gap. It is all aobut teaching the basic fundamentals of why we are able to use what we so much rely on today.


Science does play a big role in today's society and it is important for us future teachers to teach science. I think just like technology we have to get on the ball and learn as much as we can to be able to keep up with todays education.

Lizeth A. reynaldos

It is also important to teach science in the classroom because students are encourage to make predictions, therefore they requiere to use higher level thinking. I liked the fact that you mentioned that teachers need to be facilitators of learning for students because that is exactly the teachers job, to facilitate by guiding them and encouraging them to be activily a part of their own learning experiences

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