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July 02, 2009


Britney Conner

This post was so on point. Many people dont view science as important as the other subjects.What these people fail to realize is that without science the world would not function as it does today. I admit, I too was one of those people. It took being educated ,as well as educating myself, to really realize the importance of science. Now I know that science is very important and that it is definitely worth learning. That's why I am striving hard to become more comfortable with science so that I wont be afraid to teach it.

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Very interesting article about science i also think that science is very important is each and every walk of life..thanks for sharing..!


I think you posed a question that many of us don't really think about on a daily basis. I think that science is really underappreciated. We don't really stop to realize where all the things we have, came from. Sometimes we take it for granted. It's important to ask why is science important. It should be asked everyday to students to remind them that we created a lot of what we have and that they are the leaders of our future. I think that so much focus is set on proving scientists wrong that we don't really take time to appreciate what all these scientists have uncovered.

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