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October 29, 2009


Erika Curiel

We all know how to recycle, its been engraved in our brains since we were in elementary school. That is why it is important to still engrave the importance of recycling to our future generations. Although we as adults know the importance of recycling, how many (including myself) can actually say "I RECYCLE?" Im sure not many, and its sad but true. Here we are preaching about recycling but what are WE actually doing to make a difference about it? Sadly there is not very many people who actually seperate the paper, plastic, and glass from their homes everyday into recycling bins. Part of it i think is due to the government. How many neighborhoods have recycling bins? Not very many. Its not really enforced as much here. In california there is a bin for trash and a bin for recycling that homeowners have and use. They even have contest of who recycled the most and they get prices such as $50 or so... its not much but its a good incentive to get people to recycle. Why dont we have that here in Texas?

Evelyn Martinez

Many people have a negative view of recycling because they only think about their own inconviniences. Our society needs to do a better job advertising and advocating the need to recycle. We have all this wonderful resources like commercials, and the internet. Why not use them to educate people about the importance of recycling? The United States is probably the worse country ever when it comes to doing things to help our environment, yet we are the top consumer of all this harmful products. We need to start thinking on a global scale.

Rosalba Saldana

I agree with you. In the back of my house there is a bayou that is so dirty. It is filled with plastic bottles and alot of trash. This causes the water to stop flowing and teh ducks and turtles to live unhappy. I think is is very important for childrento be taught on recycling, plastic with plastic, glass with glass, and paper with paper as well as many other recyling things. It is important to show children at an eearly age to dispose of their trash properly so it wont harm our planet, animals and us.

Rosalba Saldana

Iam also conserned on this issue because in almost every bayou near my house there is so much trash. There are plastic bottles and other trash which stops the flow of the water. The ducks and turtles that live in these bayous live a horrible life. It is important for children to learn that we need to recycle all we can, plastic with plastic, paper with paper, glass with glass and so on. Many of our water bodies and animals are in danger because we are not dispossing our waste properly nor recycling. Therfore if we teach our children at an early age to do so they will learn and make a difference.

Britney Conner

I agree. Before the course I am currently taking, I would not have really cared about recycling. But, after learning about how it helps sustain our planet, my views have changed completely. If everyone could learn this concept as early as elementary , it sounds cliche, but our world really would be a beter place.

Minerva Flores

Before I took this current science course I had no idea on how significant is to recycle. Neither did I know about any of the sustainability issues. Now that I am aware of these issues, I certainly feel that something must be done about it. I really like what you said about this topic: “educating people on why they should recycle is vital in order to change behaviors, habits, and attitudes pertaining to conserving our planet”. I look forward that all of us that learned this will go out and let somebody know about the value of recycling.

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