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November 05, 2009


Marcia Rivera

I too believe that awareness of sustainability should begin in schools. It is especially important when you consider how much time students spend in school so it is only natural to teach them to care for their schools. I am amazed at the inequality in schools all over our country. Some schools seem to be ahead of the game and are all about green thinking yet there are also those schools who do not have the resources to even contemplate anything else. Hopefully this generation will be more educated in sustainability due to our efforts.


I agree I think students should be aware of the effects that we as humans are causing our earth. I believe students are our future and if you teach them today they can create a better tomorrow for generation to come. I know I was not aware about sustainability until my college professor gave us insight on the situation. I was shocked and sad that we are harming our planet.

Marisol Cedillo

I agree with what you are saying. It is very true that the schools should take part in helping out the planet in which we live. The children are our future and everything that we do right now will affect them in their later lives. Schools should dedicate more time and focus on what is happening around our comminuty and try to do a change. Sustainability is very important for children to know and be able to understand too. If no one takes action in school and teaches them about this issue, then what good are they doing for them. Everyone that works in the schools should get involve and participate before it's too late. Children would love to contribute to helping out by recycling in thier own schools or doing other activities similar to that. There are so many options and ideas about teaching sustainability. Teachers should think about this, it can't hurt anyone.

Rosalba Saldana

I agree with you. I think that our students are not taught about sustainability. It is imortant to teach children how to recycle and keep our plante clean. As a fourth grader i remember going to the galveston island and also the the park behind my school and clean it up. Our teacher would teach us the importance of our participation which made me feel proud of myself. I felt that i was makinf a difference in our planet. As a future teacher i would like to teachmy students about this sustainability issue.

Britney Conner

I agree. Students know only what they are taught. Before college, I cant say that I remember learning anything about sustainabilty.It was never even mentioned.The good thing about it, is that it's not too late. We can start today !

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