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May 01, 2010



This is not surprising.People do not realize you have to have a passion for the job. It is not a easy job. New teachers really need a good support system. Many people in the past have entered the field of education due to lay-offs or other reasons. This is a very important position ,it is a big responsibility. You are teaching our future


I was in a science class for the first time in over 15yrs and Dr. B. Hoge showed me why I spend so much time teaching my elementary school age cousins fun basic science through at home projects. It is a beautiful feel to know how the world is working around you. Just think for a small child it is even more amazing and magical to watch a frog catch flies or seed/bean that they planted grow. All of these resources are wonderful and a few I have not visited in a while but, they cost and some parents of potential scientist may not have the funds.I believe the true love and learning of science should start at home. Let them get dirty, collect bugs then tell them how they grew and what's in the soil. Yes, especially the girls!!!Now take them to the huge building where they see lots more science!!!!


To be completely honest these figures do not surprise me at all. I feel that many people go into teaching because they think it is an easy profession. Once they get into it they realize that it is not that easy. When you aren’t stressing about lesson plans you may be worrying about your students outside of school. Unfortunately the profession most of us have chosen comes with a lot of stress and can be an emotional rollercoaster. Hopefully you are lucky enough to have a good support system at the school and at home. In my observation this is something that helps teachers get by each day that may be a bad one.

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