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September 25, 2006


Epic skill

The cell theory you've written is a law is not actually a law... It has three postualtes
According to one all living things are produced from preexisting cells, if its true then how did the first cell come..?
Another postulate is that all living things are composed of cells, then what about viruses, afterall they are living cuz they reproduce
These unanswerable questions don't let it be a law and its cell theory :)

Usman Siddiq

There are three common laws
Mendel laws and Weinberg law.


Not sure I follow exactly what you're getting at here but the last point leads me to believe you are interpreting a law as something that is more fundamentally true than a theory. For example, Newton's laws of gravity tell us nothing fundamental about the whys of gravity - they are a set of empirical observations; rules. In fact, Newton's laws are not 'correct.' Einstein's general -theory- of relativity provides a framework for why we observe the results of what we call gravity. It is a rich explanation of the process itself and under special circumstances one can deduce equivalents to Newton's laws from it (the laws being less generally correct than Einstein's theory). Anyway, my contention is that evolution is a theory, not because it is somehow incorrect, but because it explains fundamentally why life is the way it is and how it changes with time. If I misread your point(s) then I apologize.

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