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December 06, 2010


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Some of the bubbles pick up charge in the air, so that's like kwh prabayar having a lot of power. For cities or homes that are interested in helping to reduce the use of wind power, or even solar power, you won't have to go?

Ana Tenorio

Yes, I believe that we should teach students at an early age to know how to start recycling because they need to learn how to contribute to the Earth in which they live in. They need to grow up learning how to be responsible and clean citizens of their community and by teaching them so at an early age it will eventually help them out when they are adults for their future.

Carrie Sims

I think it is more than important for us to teach children about recycling. In fact, I'd say it is imperative! Today’s children are not really informed in the classroom about significant topics such as recycling. The impact could be great if children are taught at an early age about recycling and other things that could impact their well being on the planet. Furthermore, as a future educator I believe that the vital information I teach will only reach the next generation if I and others beseech the powers that be to see the importance of it. While recycling has become part of the daily routine for many people, the full importance of recycling is not always understood. More specifically, I think that educating young children about recycling will help them to minimize the drain on the limited resources of our planet.

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